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What is a Home Energy Audit ?

Energy audits are a valuable and effective tool used to rate a building’s energy efficiency. Different organizations offer their own rating systems, for example:  BPI’s Home Performance Test, the DOE’s Home Energy Score, and RESNet’s HERS index. Having an energy audit done is the first step on the path toward a more comfortable, affordable, durable, and healthy home. Insight Property Services is the leading Building Consultant in the Chicagoland area, providing home performance/energy audits for both homeowners & home service professionals.

Using a variety of high-tech, state-of-the-art tools, we can identify the key areas where your home is wasting energy and recommend the most cost-effective improvements for maximizing comfort, minimizing energy bills, optimizing indoor air quality, and improving health, safety, and durability. Insight Property Services acts as a third party consultant. We do not sell other products or services; therefore we provide an unbiased assessment of your home.

Every Home Performance / Energy Audit also includes a free personalized Home Binder account upon receiving the Inspection Report.

Why a Home Energy Audit is Important

Are you getting higher energy bills every month? If yes, you are in the right place to get a home energy audit from our professionals. Insight is a reliable company that provides energy audits to various locations in Illinois. The Naperville-based company has certified and experienced professionals to help in reducing energy consumption and bills every month.

Homes lose energy, irrespective of their appearance, structure, and age. However, our home experts can provide energy solutions to save money and lessen the burden on our environment. The solution will help to make your home more energy-efficient and prevent higher consumption. Our home energy experts will provide an audit and suggest suitable solutions.

Insight Property Services does not sell other products or services and therefore can provide you an unbiased assessment of what your home needs to reach the level of performance you desire.

Energy Audits when purchasing or selling a home

A home performance test is most effective before doing any renovations on an existing property. It provides a homeowner with clear insight as to where the opportunities for improvement in safety, comfort, durability, and energy-efficiency lie. That being said, it can be an important selling point for buyers who are looking for a home that will meet future building standards. Without this testing, your home can be damaged accidentally by occupant behavior, improper ventilation, and renovations that don’t account for the building as a system. Understanding the complex interaction between systems in a home is what distinguishes Insight from our competition.

If you need an insightful evaluation of your home, contact our building professionals for quality services. Insight is a trusted source for home inspection and BPI-based home performance testing in Illinois. We have licensed home inspectors, BPI-certified professionals, and RESNet-certified HERS raters. Let us ensure that you get the quality of construction or renovation your building needs, so you don’t have to. 

Our audit professionals will help you:

INSIGHT Property Services

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Chicago's Top Home Energy Auditors

Our energy auditors begin the work by knowing the audit goal: Reduce energy bills, consumption, improve efficiency, indoor air quality, and other problems with our professionals. Our experienced technicians can diagnose these problems and suggest proper solutions, such as insulation, siding, and equipment changes. These solutions will have an impact on performance immediately. That is why our Chicago home energy auditors can work at commercial and residential properties.

Apart from Chicago, our experts serve in the Naperville area. Our experienced staff will provide industry-standard services based on your needs and budget. Call us to book an appointment now.
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Why have INSIGHT do your home energy audit?

Our approach in conducting home energy audits is a comprehensive, whole-house assessment – including combustion safety, attic ventilation, moisture management, and more. This approach distinguishes our Home Performance Audit from the “Clipboard Audits” offered by many utilities, box stores, and companies that offer a discounted audit as a means to sell their products or services. Insight does not sell other products or services and therefore can provide you an unbiased assessment of what your home needs to reach the level of performance you desire

If you’re facing humidity issues, damp problems, and poor air quality inside your home, you need a performance audit. Our building experts will inspect your home or business building while asking a few questions about renovation, remodeling, and other aspects.

The regular energy audit will lower the utility bills. Moreover, you can keep major problems away. Skilled professionals are necessary to get reliable services. Book an appointment with an experienced team for home inspection and evaluation. Our professionals can provide an inspection on your property and deliver an energy audit.

So, what are you waiting for? Call our certified and licensed professionals to get energy audit services in Naperville and the surrounding Chicagoland area.  Contact us to get quotes now.

Home Energy Score

A Home Energy Score is an energy model created using the Department of Energy’s very own methods for rating a building enclosure. The 1-10 scale is designed to be simple and readable, a ‘1’ being a more antiquated home in need of new appliances and a ‘10’ being an energy efficient enclosure capable of powering itself with renewable sources. How does your home compare to the new standard of energy efficiency?

Benefits of a Home Energy Score Include

Awareness: Illustrates a home’s energy performance and identifies areas for improvement, allowing them to take proactive steps to reduce energy waste and save money on utility bills.

Financial Savings: By implementing the recommended energy improvements, homeowners can potentially reduce their energy consumption and lower their utility bills over time.

Comfort and Indoor Air Quality: Energy efficiency improvements often contribute to increased comfort levels within the home and improved indoor air quality.

Environmental Impact: By reducing energy waste and decreasing reliance on fossil fuels, homeowners with higher Home Energy Scores can contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

To obtain a Home Energy Score contact our office to set up an appointment. If you have questions about the Home Energy Score, contact our team to see if it’s the right rating system for your property.

We inspect the home from the outside in, checking the windows, doors, insulation levels, boiler/furnace, AC, water heaters, etc. We also check for combustion safety (gas leaks). A small leak can mimic signs of a cold. In addition, we use thermal imaging to spot where cold air is infiltrating the home and a blower door test which allows us to see how much energy is escaping through the home with calculations for duct leakage. The Home Performance/Energy Audit is done in two steps, the initial test shows us problematic areas that need to be addressed. The second test is completed only after the renovations have been done (caulking, insulating, etc). This allows you to compare how much energy your home was using before, and it holds the contractors you hire accountable for doing the work correctly.

A Home Performance Audit will not only make your house more comfortable, but will lay out the path to improving your home's comfort. We are building consultants, and like a doctor writing you a prescription - the audit report details and prioritizes the opportunities for improvement. Implementing the audit work scope will improve comfort, air quality, efficiency, and overall performance of your home.

No, it would be a conflict of interest. We provide a detailed and prioritized work scope to guide the contractors during renovations. As renovations are completed, we re-check work done to ensure quality and effectiveness, as part of the included follow-up test. We do have several trusted contractors that we work with that may be able to assist you, and we are happy to provide those names to you upon request.

A typical home energy audit takes about 3-4 hours depending on the size of the home.
There are many factors in determining the cost of a home energy audit. Pricing will depend on the size, complexity, and location of the home being audited.
A Home Energy Score is a Department of Energy, 0-10 rating (10 being the best) that represents the efficiency/performance of your home, that includes recommendations for improvements.
Yes, we can do both, but often need the cooperation of building management and other occupants. Call Insight to discuss your specific concerns and situation.