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Blower door efficiency test at home

Air Tightness Blower Door Testing Experts

A blower door test is conducted by installing a blower door fan on the outside door and then pressuring it. The pressures will be checked as it enters your home. After all of the doors, windows, and other openings are closed, the fan will create a physical pressure difference of 50 Pascals (or 0.2 IWC) between the inside and outside. After depressurizing the entire house, replicating a worst-case scenario, the air tightness of the building can be measured.

Saving energy doesn’t only mean using less heating & cooling and turning off the lights when you leave a room. Your home’s construction can also have a huge effect on how much energy you use in general. For example, replacing outdated windows with newer ones can make your house more efficient. A blower door test identifies where and how much potential energy your home is currently wasting.

Should you get a blower door test done?

Anyone who plans to buy a house or build one should consider having a blower door test conducted. It will tell you how much you’ll be spending on heating and cooling in the future. If you’re renovating your house and you want to know if it has any cracks or leaks. Well, look no further! This type of air leakage test can check for cracks in the building’s shell and locate any openings. This data can then be used to ensure your home is sealed correctly.

Blower door tests aren’t just good for homes – they’re also great for homeowner’s wallets. They can make your home more valuable, improve air quality, and make it more airtight.

A well-sealed home is a comfortable and cost-efficient home. If you want to do your part for the environment, a blower door test is worth investing in.

A blower door test checks for air tightness and ensures you don’t lose heat or coolness to the outside. It has also become mandatory since 2012 to achieve compliance.

Blower door testing: A diagnostic tool

A builder experienced in blower door testing knows which areas of the house are likely to cause issues and can take steps during construction to prevent them. By installing leak-proof, watertight insulation and exterior gaskets when they build homes, builders will avoid costly callbacks and maintain customer satisfaction.

Additionally, ventilation levels can affect air quality and the health of the home’s occupants. This should be taken into account when evaluating the safety of any living space. One more reason to invest in this test is the expert knowledge builders & remodelers have of the dynamics of airflow in a building.

By using it on a regular basis, they’ll have an understanding of how their buildings really perform. Overall, the following are typical benefits of this type of testing:

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In order to perform the blower door test, we will need the total square footage of the home including the basement. We will also need a PDF copy of the plans as well as an opportunity to close up the entire house for at least 30 minutes.

Blower door test results can be provided on-site or can be emailed, as long as payment has been received.

Yes. We can test condos, multi-unit buildings, as well as commercial buildings.