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Test your house for mold. Mold testing is an inspection service that identifies potential mold issues that could lead to a serious health problem. Mold growth in your home can affect your investment and even cause adverse health effects. It’s important to take preventive measures & stay on top of the problem.

Using a reputable mold inspection company like Insight Properties can provide you with invaluable information regarding mold, enabling you to make informed decisions and take responsible actions as a homeowner.

The importance of testing and detecting mold

The potential for mold in a home might sound a bit scary, and in many cases, it should. The best way to fight mold is to catch it as early as possible with a conclusive mold assessment and create a treatment plan is to start by assessing the types of mold present with tests and sampling of affected areas.

The CDC warns that people with sensitivities and allergies usually have intense reactions to mold exposure. More recent scientific studies have found that there are also some potential health risks from heavy exposure to indoor mold–including risk for respiratory infections and increased incidence of allergies.

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We use safe products, like mold airflow meters, to test the air in your home. This helps keep you (& your investment) safe and protects you from exposure to mold. The air sample that we collected will be sent to a high-level lab for analysis. If you notice any visible mold or if a professional pointed it out to us and requests that we do an on-site sampling, we will take a sample by hand and expedite it to our lab partners for analysis.

Detecting mold early using mold inspection techniques has the following benefits:

INSIGHT Property Services

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Step 1

We identify all the problematic areas of the home where mold is suspected

Step 2

Collect samples for Mold/VOC, Spore Trap, Tape Lift/Swab and Bulk Sample

Step 3

We send the samples off to the laboratory. We will receive the results in 5-7 business days

Step 4

Purchase inspection between $150 - $500 based on property size and number of samples

Step 5

Receive your report, with a written guideline for how to remove the source of the mold

Common symptoms of poor indoor air

Dryness and Irritation of the Eyes, Nose, and Throat
Headaches and Prolonged Fatigue
Shortness of Breath
Hypersensitivity and Allergies
Sinus Congestion w/ Coughing and Sneezing
Dizziness & Nausea

When should I have my air quality tested?

If you experience any of the symptoms listed above more prominently in a certain room in your home, during particular times throughout the day, or if you notice them improve or get worse depending on your location, you may want to have your air quality tested.

The symptoms listed above can often be attributed to other respiratory illnesses such as allergies, asthma, sinus issues, etc. However, chemicals, glues, molds, paints, cleaning products, gas leaks, radon, formaldehyde or asbestos could be the cause.

Poor indoor air quality for prolonged periods of time may cause a variety of respiratory illnesses, infections, some cancers, or even death.