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Chicago Area's Very Best Home Inspectors

Customers trust Insight to provide the best home inspection services in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Our inspectors are licensed by the State of Illinois and certified by the International Association of Home Inspectors. Whether you are looking for pre-sale inspections, new construction, commercial, or full-service home inspections, we have the professionals you need.

A pre-purchase home inspection helps you understand the condition of the home you’re hoping to purchase.  We look at a few hundred items in a typical home in just a few hours, focusing on the major systems – our main priority is safety, durability, and maintenance.

Importance and Use of Home Inspections

Home inspections are a snapshot of a home’s condition that can be referenced for decades with proper record keeping. An insightful report can be used as bargaining power for either party, for peace of mind, and as an asset evaluation. Identifying a home’s deficiencies or ‘opportunities for improvement’ before buying or selling a property can protect your investment by anticipating repairs before catastrophic damage occurs. As building consultants, Insight offers advice throughout your homeownership.

We are not contractors, but we know some pretty good ones.  We are happy to make referrals from within the network of professionals we’ve grown to trust.

We are not contractors, but we know some pretty good ones.  If you need a referral to some people we trust, we are more than happy to make that connection.

What do Home Inspections Cover?

A professional home inspection is the buyer or seller’s opportunity to discover problems with the property and assess if the house is ready to sell. It’s also a chance for both parties to negotiate a price based on an unbiased evaluation of the property’s condition and assets. These are the details you can expect to be available in your report:

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Choosing the Right Home Inspector Is Critical

We go above and beyond to provide the best home inspection you can find. We make sure you have a complete understanding of your home, so that later on you can take great care of it. In addition, we have strict licensing requirements to make sure that we only give you the best service possible.

Insight Property Services, Inc. provides some of the most comprehensive Home Inspections in the Chicago Land area. We are different because we are thorough, honest, and proud educators. 

Wondering when to clean your gutters? Has one of your appliances been recalled? Home Binder gives the homeowner the unique advantage of keeping everything concerning your home in one safe location. If and when you go to sell your home, the new owner will have a detailed list of renovations you’ve made over the years and any upgrades to the home.

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Home Inspection FAQs

Before ordering a home inspection, here are some commonly asked home inspection questions to help you better understand how a home may have been maintained, what improvements should be made, and ultimately if it is the right home for you.

All of the more important and expensive components such as: roof, siding, electrical outlets, appliances, furnace, insulation, water heater, foundation, etc

2-4 hours depending on the size of the home and any deficiencies.

Pricing will depend on the size of the home and location.

Yes, we can do both! Condominiums and Multi-unit buildings are building are about 35% of the home inspections we perform in the Chicago area on a yearly basis.

We will inspect all areas or systems that we can access or operate safely, at the time of the inspection.  Cold weather (AC, roof, etc.), snow (roof, grading, decks, etc.) or rain (roof) can limit the scope of your inspection.  This is not unusual and our inspectors can look for other signs indicating an issue with those systems.  However, any additional visits would require an additional fee.  This also applies to homes where the water or gas service was off during the inspection.

Yes, we offer a variety of additional services that you may wish to add on to your Home Inspection.  Services include your choice of: Radon testing, infrared imaging /moisture leaks, Indoor Air Quality Testing, mold testing, sewer scopes, pest inspections, building leakage (blower door). Additional fees will apply and vary per test. 

Absolutely! At Insight, we take pride in how thorough our inspections are. As 3rd party consultants, we provide an objective and translucent report to our clients. Saving them time, money, and frustration. Please download the home inspection sample report towards the top of this page.