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Winter Home Performance Energy Audit | Naperville, IL

With chilly temperatures and high winds in the Chicagoland area, winter is when home owners feel the discomfort of Home Performance Issues. Cold rooms, drafts by windows and doors, and high utility bills are often the biggest complaints.

Not only is your home uncomfortable, but you're spending more money to heat it, inefficiently. A Home Performance Audit utilities various tools to determine the cause of these issues, and outlines a step-by-step plan to address these issues so that a contractor does not have to guess as to what the problems are. The house functions as a whole, each room having an effect on another which is why it's important to evaluate the entire home, and not just one room that experiencing "more problems" than another. Below are only some of the pictures from one of our recent Home Performance Energy Audits.

Notice the attention to detail from the exterior to the interior, including the roof. A good Home Performance will utilize a variety of tools to test the home, from insulation levels to appliances, electrical outlets, infrared imaging, and more.

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