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What's that smell? Resolving an unexpected mechanical air issue on a new home

As a new home owner, there are some things you just don't think of, or are even aware of for that matter. These head scratchers can be frustrating, time consuming, & expensive when you're not sure who to call to help.

Imagine living in your home for less than one year, and several times a week a distinct skunk odor fills every room in your household? Incredibly annoying.

fresh air intake location, mechanical air system, insight property services
Fresh air intake location

As building consultants, Insight offers issue inspections for situations just like this.

Luckily, this issue was resolved quickly and inexpensively.

Dirty fresh air intake vent screen

After living in the home for nearly one year, the homeowner was not aware that the home had a fresh air exchange system, nor where the fresh air intake was located. Leaving veggie scraps outside near the intake was attracting a skunk, resulting in the home smelling of skunk a few times a week.

Fresh air systems, while mostly automatic, need periodic checks & maintenance.

Now the homeowner is keeping scraps inside or taking them directly to the compost bin. They are also checking and cleaning the intake vent screen every month or two.

Have a head scratcher that you just can't pinpoint?

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