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  • Christina Colon

Is Frost On My Roof Something to Worry About?

Let’s imagine this scenario: You wake up to a chilly morning and go outside to scrape your car for your commute. You look around your neighborhood and notice something strange. Everyone seems to have frost on their roof except for your home. What does this mean? Is a lack of frost a good sign or bad sign? Roofcorp explores what frost on a roof, or lack thereof, means for your home and roofing system.
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What Does a Lack of Frost On My Roof Mean?

If all of your neighbor’s roofs have a healthy sheen of frost on top of them but yours does not it may not be the best sign. Before getting concerned you need to make sure the lack of frost is due to the roof itself and not from outside forces. If the morning sun directly hits your home and not your neighbors lack of frost may just be attributed to the sun’s heat. However if nothing is different about your home compared to your neighbors you may have a problem.

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