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What Makes a Net Zero Energy Home "Healthier"?

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Consumers are speaking, and their voices are being heard. The bottom line is that the housing industry is drastically changing - for the better.

Energy efficient housing, net zero energy housing, sustainable living, these aren't concepts of the future. In fact, these houses are becoming staples across our communities, and people are noticing.

“We have always suffered from allergies…I can come back home and my odorless, fresh space speaks for itself. No mold, no breathing problems, no fumes and no itchy eyes. We are definitely happy.”

A higher upfront cost may deter some consumers into thinking they just can't afford sustainable housing. The reality is, despite an additional 3-7% upfront cost, these houses are smarter, use significantly less energy (in some cases they actually produce energy), and are healthier for you because they are designed with environmentally friendly materials and high tech air ventilation and filtration systems. Say goodbye to allergy symptoms, asthma triggers, mold irritants, itchy eyes, and more. If that isn't compelling enough, over the course of a 30 year mortgage, the savings from living in an energy efficient house far exceed the initial upfront price tag.

Want to know exactly how close Net Zero Energy houses are to becoming a reality? Insight Property Services, Inc. provides US Department of Energy - Zero Energy Ready Home (DOE-ZERH) Certification for home builders, and we're verifying homes all over the Chicagoland area in desirable locations. If you've never really paid attention to a home builder's reputation, start now. Check out Insight's local DOE-ZERH Building Partners, Hindale's Bright Leaf Homes, LLC. and Plainfield's DJK Homes.

So for the additional 3-7 % for a Zero Energy Ready Home, the improved indoor environmental quality and energy savings they provide make these long-term "smart homes".

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