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Gas Furnace Buying Guide – Reviews, Prices and Tax-credit 2018

This may get 'down in the weeds' technically, but its good information to consider for you and your HVAC contractor.

How much does a gas furnace cost installed? That’s the question we answer in the most comprehensive detail you’ll find anywhere. You’ll soon have a very good idea of what a furnace will cost with the Quality, Performance, Efficiency and Size you want.

The average furnace prices you might find elsewhere are meaningless because they don’t take those important factors into consideration. For example, a $1,200 furnace could be a cheap, single-stage 80% furnace with 120,000 Btu capacity, or it could be a quality, two-stage 90% furnace with 60,000 Btu heating.

There are four factors that affect the price of the furnace you choose, and all are important to consider in determining the best furnace for your purposes:

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