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Building Science Principles

Learn what you should do to improve home performance, not what you should have done..

Would understanding the interactions of building systems and their effects on home performance assist you in your position or your business?

Earning the Building Science Principles certificate is your first step into the world of energy efficient home performance.

Building science demonstrates how various components of the home interact to affect the home’s overall performance.

Understand the relationship between the building envelope, heating, A/C, insulation, mechanical ventilation, lighting, appliances and other systems of the home.

Learn how all of these systems affect the comfort, health and safety of occupants and durability of the home.

This non-technical BPI certificate is first step toward understanding & improving whole-house building performance.

Perfect for sales people, admin personnel, architects or anyone who needs to know about building science, but may never need to perform testing.

Next Course is January 9th, 2020 from 8:00am - 4:00pm

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