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Being a home owner is exhausting. You don't really know much about your new home when you buy it, you likely don't know what maintenance needs to get done or when, and problems can be unexpected & expensive.

Home Binder is here to fix that, and that is why Insight provides our clients with this free digital home management app upon receiving their report. 

Protect your investment while making home ownership & maintenance a little easier with Home Binder.

Maintenance Reminders

Reminder emails & notifications ensure clients never forget to complete regular home tasks. 

Appliance Recall Alerts

Clients can store model & serial numbers to get notified on any appliance recalls. 

Preferred Home Pros

Add your list of trusted pros to help clients with ongoing maintenance. 

RepairPricer Estimates 


Provide clients with options to get cost estimates from your report within 24 hours.   

Permits for previous work 

Clients can pull available home permits into their Binders. 

Digital Document Storage

Save your report & other docs online for immediate access.  

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