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Has it been a while since you've performed a BPI Energy Audit on a house? If you need a refresher course, or are looking to earn addition BPI CEUs, this is a great opportunity! You can join one of Insight's Field Proctors at the home of one of their customers or one of yours. 

Insight's proctor will provide any necessary test equipment and will guide you in testing the home. This evaluation will follow the BPI 1200 standards and will include generating a Home Energy Score and an actionable work-scope. 

This course will consist of following the Home Performance Testing Procedure of completing a Homeowner Interview, an Exterior Walk-around, an Interior Walk-through, an Attic/Crawlspace Inspection, and inspecting the mechanical equipment. Then the class will test for gas leaks, perform applicable combustion safety testing, and measure & evaluate mechanical ventilation. Building infiltration testing will include blower door testing, infrared surveying, zone-pressure testing, and pressure panning. Finally, there will be data gathering for generating a Home Energy Score. 

The completed Home Energy Score and a prioritized work-scope will be submitted afterwards and evaluated in order to complete the training session and earn BPI CEUs. 

Contact us for more information! 

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