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Pro Home Performance Training Services

DET Verifier

Dec 6 7:30am-4:30pm 100 Overland Dr. North Aurora, IL

BPI Building Analyst- Pro

Dec 12-14 AND 19-21, 8am-4pm Location: Western Suburbs

Advanced Combustion Training

January 10 7:30-4:30pm Location: 2045 N Ruby St, Melrose Park

BPI Building Science Principles

January 31 8am- 4pm Location: Downers Grove

Since our start in 2009 Insight Property Services, Inc. has trained over 2,000 students throughout the United States. As a BPI Certified Education Provider, as well as an Illinois Home Inspector Continuing Education provider, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond the “normal” scope of education.

Our goal is to reform the home industry, starting with the architecture and design all the way to groundwork. Architects, Builders, Contractors, and Home Inspectors all benefit from training. If we begin to design buildings that are sustainable, energy-efficient, and healthy, the rest will follow. We believe in going above and beyond what is expected because that is what allows us to grow and to create a better future where “Green Homes” are the new normal.

We believe that by continuously educating ourselves and others we can make this a reality. Energy-efficient, healthy, and sustainable homes are achievable, and the more we educate the people at the forefront of the industry, such as the architects, builders, and the contractors they hire, the more time, money, and frustration people will save when it comes to their homes.

We are a certified BPI Testing Center, a licensed IL Home Inspector Continuing Education Provider, and we provide continuing education credits for NATE and NARI as well. We provide training throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, and across the United States.

Duct & Envelope Tightness Verifier

The state of Illinois enforces IECC 2018 for new homes, which requires duct and envelope tightness testing. In addition to existing BPI and RESNET certifications, Illinois created this new certification specifically qualified to test duct and envelope tightness. Our training covers these as well as various other training topics.

The Duct & Envelope Tightness Certification was designed by the Midwest Home Performance Association as a bridge between building professionals and Energy Raters. This 1-day training course will introduce you to the skills necessary to perform the diagnostic testing on new homes and ensure you meet the current IECC standards.

Providing professional Building, Construction, Inspection, and Audit training to Architects, General Contractors and Builders since 2009.

Incumbent Worker Training - IWT

The Incumbent Working Training Program (IWT) helps local employers develop and implement training programs for current employees who need new or updated skills in order to retain employment. Up to 100% of the costs of training can be reimbursed through the program.

Interested employers must meet the criteria in order to participate. Employers must be in a targeted industry, which is defined locally. Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) workforce representatives can assist the employers in determining if their industry qualifies under local guidelines as an eligible target industry.

*Insight Property Services, Inc. is not affiliated with IWT & cannot assist with questions regarding eligibility for this program. For more information regarding this program please contact Ron Schlager at Rschlager@worknetdupage.org or at (630) 955-2037.

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BPI Building Analyst- Tech


The BPI Building Analyst Technician (BA-T) certification is an early-career credential for workers in the home performance industry. This certification gives a great entrance to the industry while providing a clear path for professional growth. A BA-T’s work includes data collection and diagnostic testing for a whole-home assessments. The BA-T’s skills and knowledge include: buildings & their systems, testing & data collection, and industry standards. The BA-T is earned by passing a field test with oral questions. BPI’s Building Science Principles Certificate of Knowledge (BSP) is a prerequisite for the BA-T certification exam.

FOR CERTIFICATION: ​Your completed Home Energy Score and a prioritized work-scope will be submitted and evaluated in order to complete the training and earn BPI CEUs.

Full Line of Training & Certification Classes

We offer complete training courses for individuals and corporations looking to hone their construction, inspection, or environmental testing skills. Other training in the building sciences and environmental audits include:

Furnace inspection in Chicago home
9-point roofing inspection