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Before the warranty expires on your new construction, have the home evaluated to have any issues taken care of by the builder. This is where Insight comes in. All of the following inspection services include a detailed report, with photos. The pricing is based on an estimated 3,000 square foot home. Pricing will vary based on size of the home and location.

Additional charge of $25 for every 500 sqft over 3,000sqft. 

*All prices are starting prices and are subject to change without notice. Price will be confirmed upon final booking. 


Use Post-It Notes to mark areas that need attention. This will assist your inspector and the contractors. 


Call Insight to have a licensed Home Inspector perform a 1 year Home Warranty Inspection. 


The report will provide builders with an outline of any deficiencies found in the home.


Have the home builders fix any problems found while you're still covered under the 1 year warranty


Save thousands of dollars on costly home repairs by having them addressed prior to the one year warranty expiration. 

Basic Warranty Inspection

$300   |    1-1.5 hrs

Our basic warranty inspection centers on inspecting the warranted items, major equipment (furnace, air conditioner, etc.), ventilation appliances (measuring bath fan flows), and any reported issues by the homeowner, including cosmetic issues.  We ask that the homeowner assist by marking cosmetic issues with tape/stickers before the inspection.

Basic Warranty Inspection

Full Inspection

$425   |    1.5-2.5 hrs

In addition to the basic warranty inspection items, we will examine all outlets, fixtures, and appliances, including a CO test of all gas appliances and temperature test of the Furn/AC.  Our attic inspection will look for signs of leaks, pests, and any other visible anomalies.  We will examine the outside of the home to identify drainage and other issues which can compromise the integrity of the home.  Our inspector will examine the roof, if safely accessible, as well as the overall structure of the home. This is basically a full pre-purchase inspection typically used to identify issues that help a buyer make a purchase decision. 


Full Warranty Inspection

Full Inspection with

Blower-door & IR scan

$550   |       2-3 hrs

In addition to the full inspection items, we will conduct a Blower Door and Infrared scan of your home to address any comfort issues you may be experiencing.  The infrared scan of the home will identify cold/hot spots in the home and where the air is leaking.  A blower door test will determine how tight the home is, how much conditioned air you are losing to the outside, and how much mechanical fresh air exchange the home needs.  Most mechanical fresh air systems are set up improperly or have never been explained to the homeowner.  We will provide you that insight as well. 


Full Warranty Inspection with IR Scan & Blower Door

We work with New Construction Contractors and Home Builders extensively, giving us a unique advantage.

Licensed IL Home Inspectors specializing in new construction consulting and code compliance. 


Being a good neighbor saves you money!

Same day inspection discounts available.


Insight Property Services works extensively with builders and contractors, so we are in a unique position to understand new construction and the IL Energy Conservation Code. 


A 5% discount is available to each home owner, in your development, that has Insight perform their Warranty Inspection on the same day as another homeowner.


A 10% discount is available to each homeowner in the same development that has Insight perform their Warranty Inspection on the same day as two other homeowners. 


*If any of the home owners cancel, the discount will be reverted to 5% for two, and no discount for one.


Insight is happy to pass on inspector travel savings back to you!

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